The first clinic visit of the International Charcot Multiple Sclerosis Master Programme

06. April 2023

Holistic MS Management - The first clinic visit of the International Charcot Multiple Sclerosis Master Programme took place at the innovative Centre for Clinical Neuroscience in Dresden, Germany. 

Twelve neurologists, biomedical scientists or neuroscientists from our international Multiple Sclerosis Master's programme, in cooperation with the European Charcot Foundation, travelled from Turkey, Italy, Belgium, Montenegro or Colombia or Germany to Dresden for three days last week to get an insight into the diverse activities of the exceptional MS Care Centre Dresden at the Centre for Clinical Neurosciences of the University Hospital Dresden. The head of the Multiple Sclerosis Centre Dresden, Prof. Dr. Tjalf Ziemssen, bundles around 30 activities in his Centre for Clinical Neurosciences, which he founded in 2011. He has created a globally unique infrastructure for the treatment of MS, focusing on new diagnostic options and the information and integration of all stakeholders.

Our Students visited 7 hands-on stations of the Dresden Center for Neuroscience: 

  • The Neuroimmunology Laboratory (NIL), which predates the MS unit, with a session on the new neurodestructive biomarker neurofilament
  • The Gait Analysis Laboratory with multi-dimensional measurements and the new DIERS gait measuring station in collaboration with the Institute of Biomedical Engineering headed by Prof. Malberg
  • Histology room for brain slicing and lesion microscopy in a multidisciplinary team of experts with the neuropathologist Prof. Dr. Christine Stadelmann-Nessler (Göttingen) and Dr. med. Matthias Meinhardt (Dresden) and neuroanatomy with Prof. Dr. Albrecht May  
  • Dr Hagen Kitzler's research MRI in the Department of Neuroradiology and its high-quality MRIs of the spinal cord and brain  
  • Neurourology's urodynamic examination room with PD Dr Martin Baunacke 
  • Neuropsychological diagnostics with Prof. Dr. Christian Beste, the EEG laboratory and cognitive diagnostics with psychologist Julia Elmers

    Here are three impressions of our students from our clinic visit: 

    “Thank you for your kindness, host and excellent master course. It was beneficial to see Dresden MS center, to be with colleagues all over the world, to share experiences. New technology labs like gait analyses lab, neurodegenerative markers analysis lab were eye-opening for us. All staff were very kind. We all learn many things in the pathology lab with Prof. Stadelmann. MRI Center with Dr. Hagen Kitzler was also excellent. I am honored to be in ECF/DIU MS Master programme.”  
    Dr Meral Seferoglu, Neurologist from Turkey, Bursa Yüksek Ihtisas Training and Research Hospital with 10 years experience in caring for people with MS

    “I feel lucky to have participated in this very effective program. In addition, I would like to thank Prof. Ziemssen, Prof. Stadelmann-Nessler, Prof. May, Dr. Kitzler, Dr. Meinhardt and all the other speakers and Franziska and Gina for their enthusiastic and warm welcome and hospitality. We also had the opportunity to collaborate and share with our colleagues participating in the program worldwide. 
    Gait analysis evaluation, neurodestructive marker measurements, neuropsychological evaluations urodynamic evaluation and especially the time we spent in the pathology laboratory in the MS center, opened the horizons of all participants.I look forward to the next clinical weekend visit.”

    Dr Emine Rabia Koc, Neurologist from Turkey; Demyelinating Diseases and MS Centre of Uludag University, with 10 years of experience in neuroimmunology and demyelinating diseases.

    “After our first clinical visit to Dresden, I feel an urge to share my first impressions. Being a student of this course has already been a great privilege, but full impact of such a provilege has been revealed after our recently study visit to Dresden. Having an opportunity to listen to the lectures for the first time face to face and to see state of the art techniques being used, made me feel a part of a special MS family. We had a chance to meet our peers to share both hugs and good energy as well as ideas for future projects and collaboration, which is also one of the goals of our network. The time we spent in hands on sessions made a world to me. I believe it opened new horizons for all of us and made us appreciate preclinic research even more. This was all made possible by prof. Ziemssen, Prof. Stadelmann, Dr. Kitzler as well as the other lectures. No words can explain our gratitude for their time, energy and knowledge. Last, but not least many many thanks to Franziska and Gina for their warm welcome, hospitality and support for all little issues we had during the visit. Can’t wait our next clinical weekend visit!” 
    Sanja Gluscevic, neurologist at the Clinical Centre of Montenegro, Department of Neurology, with 10 years of experience in MS care and research.

Our commitment to comprehensive interdisciplinary MS education for MS professionals

Since 2020, DIU has been working closely with Prof Dr Tjalf Ziemssen, who has been committed to holistic MS care for many years. As one of his many initiatives, he has worked with us to establish the Professional Master's Degree in Multiple Sclerosis Management, which has already enrolled three students since 2020. The course is aimed at MS professionals who wish to receive academic, interdisciplinary and practical training as MS specialists in the field of MS disease (basics, diagnosis, therapy and monitoring). Since 2022, we have been collaborating with the European Charcot Foundation and have accepted our first international student in January 2023.  

We are still looking for scholarship donors for our international students! 

We are still looking for scholarship donors for our first international matric for our designated MS professionals from Colombia, Montenegro and Turkey. Scholarships, which cover up to 75% of tuition fees, are essential for our students to be able to attend these courses. Please support these highly committed students who now have the opportunity to gain a complete picture of all aspects of the MS field with the Charcot MSM Master. With this knowledge, our students will have the tools to put existing ideas into practice and have the opportunity to improve or (re)build something in their country. 

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