01. März 2018

The English Master NDT, offered since 2013 at the Dresden International University started again this year. The 28 new students originate from Countries such as China, India, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan and South Korea. This is the biggest admission a course like this has achieved.

After a year of intense studies of the physical fundamentals as well as the theoretical background of the different acoustics, electromagnetics and optics based Non-Destructive-Testing techniques the students take part in the accredited DGZfP BC course in their second year. Afterwards they are moving into a research placement for three months followed by a master thesis lasting around six months. The BC course allows the students to move straight to a Level 3 in an NDT technique of choice later. The research placement as well as the master thesis is due to be run outside DIU with either an academic or an industrial organisation provided the organisation can offer a research topic of adequate high scientific value.

Collaborations between academia and industries are possible. More information to be found on  http://www.di-uni.de/index.php?id=507.