Excursions to the Fraunhofer Institute (IKTS) and Global Foundries offer exciting insights

18. Juli 2023

On 3 and 4 July, the study programme "Non-Destructive Testing (M.Sc.)" went on excursions to the excursions to the Fraunhofer Institute (IKTS) and to Global Foundries in Dresden.

Excursion to Global Foundries Dresden.

Exciting insights into Fraunhofer IKTS on 3 July:

An interesting excursion to the Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems (IKTS) began with a shared train ride. On arrival, the participants:inside were warmly welcomed in the foyer, where Lili Chen, a 2013 graduate of the NDT course, led an authentic and informative tour of the institute.

During the visit, the participants were given a presentation on the work of Fraunhofer and the IKTS, which provided valuable insight into the research activities of the institute. Afterwards, the participants had the opportunity to explore four different stations where different methods of non-destructive testing (NDT) were presented. These included structural health monitoring (SHM), ultrasonic sensing (US sensing), eddy current testing and laser speckle photometry (LSP).

The practical demonstration of these NDT methods proved fascinating for all participants, who were able to ask questions and thus deepen their understanding of the applications. Especially for those planning their internships and Master's theses, which are due to start in November this year, this experience was extremely valuable. They gained insights into cutting-edge techniques and received information that will be useful for their future projects.

Field trip to Global Foundries:

A field trip to Global Foundries was held for the first time on 4 July. The visit started with a strict ID check, followed by the handing out of visitor badges. Then it was off on a tour, which began with an impressive model of the building structure of the Global Foundries site in Dresden.

Sven Beyer, who was introduced as the "God of Technology", gave a captivating talk that gave the participants a deep insight into the technical aspects and processes of the semiconductor industry as well as the financial aspects. The lecture underlined the importance of teamwork and cooperation at Global Foundries and made it clear that technical expertise paired with social skills play an important role.

Another highlight of the visit was the materials analysis department, where the participants were shown various destructive testing methods. The tour of an X-ray microscope was particularly impressive, with participants actively involved in discussions about recruitment and employment opportunities.

The experience at Global Foundries confirmed that recruiting talent early is the norm these days and that graduates have excellent opportunities in the job market. The field trip provided participants with valuable insights into the high-tech industry and boosted their confidence in future career opportunities after successful graduation.

Both excursions were very instructive and provided our participants with valuable practical knowledge that will support them in their future careers.

The next international degree programme "Non-Destructive Testing (M.Sc.)" starts on 01 October 2023.
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