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Excursion to Global Foundries Dresden.

18. Juli 2023

Excursions to the Fraunhofer Institute (IKTS) and Global Foundries offer exciting insights

On 3 and 4 July, the study programme "Non-Destructive Testing (M.Sc.)" went on excursions to the excursions to the Fraunhofer Institute (IKTS) and to Global Foundries in Dresden.

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05. Juli 2021

DIU receives visitors from the Far East

The last working visit from China to Dresden was in December 2019. The DIU delegation was in China in January 2020. Since then, the exchange of work was only possible online. On June 30, 2021,…

22. April 2021

Hydrogen technology - a topic for the future

Germany, and Saxony in particular, want to be a global role model in the use of novel climate-friendly hydrogen energy. To make this a reality, research and development work is essential. Dresden…

13. April 2021

President Steinmeier speaks encouragement to students in Germany

On April 12, 2021, German President Frank-Walther Steinmeier addressed students in a speech at the start of the summer semester. He spoke to them of courage and assured them: "Our country needs you!"

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14. Januar 2021

DIU goes hybrid - Successfully designing hybrid teaching and learning formats - A report

How can hybrid workshops and learning formats be successfully designed and moderated? How to keep the engagement high among the participants? What might the perfect tech set look like? Which video…

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04. Dezember 2020

The Best From Two Worlds

Studying law and learning business administration and economics on the side? Degree programs that combine several disciplines are becoming increasingly popular. However, there are still frequent…

23. November 2020

Corona puts the healthcare system to the test

Just now in the current corona crisis situation it becomes apparent that German hospitals need efficient structures, sufficient medical equipment and trained personnel. In order to cope with the…

09. November 2020

Interactive online formats for knowledge sharing

Experiences with learning and teaching in the Corona year 2020 and the design of virtual work processes in the digital summer semester were the topic of the keynote speech by DIU managing director…

05. November 2020

Safety engineers more in demand than ever

Globalization and the increasing international networking require new qualification instruments for junior managers in occupational health and safety.

29. Oktober 2020

Corona Virus

Important information for students and staff (Status: 29.10.20)