Seminars, Courses and Congresses

Increase your career opportunities

Those who wish to continue their education while working do not primarily aim at deepening or completing their academic knowledge. Rather, interdisciplinary solutions for professional challenges are in demand, which are able to increase one's own competence and career opportunities. However, scientifically founded decision-making competence is by its very nature not bound to a particular scientific discipline, but reflects interdisciplinary professional life. In addition to the interdisciplinary courses of study, there are numerous seminars, courses and congresses that share the same ideas.

  • Case Management
  • Dresdner Medizinrechtssymposium
  • Forum Insolvenzpraxis
  • GmbH Intensiv
  • Stations- und Funktionsleiter
  • Qualifizierung zum medizinischen Sachverst√§ndigen
  • Wirtschaftsmediation, Verhandlungs- und Konfliktmanagement
  • Wissenstransfer im Eisenbahnbetriebslabor