Student Information and Counselling Service 

Thinking of what degree to study?

We can help you find the right one! Dresden International University’s academic advisors are experts in our five faculties. They know which current challenges affect the particular sectors and what the solutions of tomorrow could look like. The Bachelor's and Master's degree programs are an excellent base for developing these solutions.  In the personal consultation, which can also take place by e-mail, telephone or via web conference you will also receive detailed information on the modules of the degree programs, the concrete contents, the professors and lecturers responsible and the practically relevant network partners of the DIU. What exactly do I learn during my studies?  From which spheres do the other participants come?  What career options do I have with the degree?  Does a seminar already meet my requirements or should it rather be a degree program?  We won't leave you alone with these questions.  Give us a call and arrange your preferred date!

And of course, when you become our student, we will keep giving you our best advices. The next exam date is not feasible? We can offer you another option.  Do you need any additional documents?  We can give you advice and support you.  Would you like to do an internship?  We will contact our partners. 
Regardless of time and place, you can access our course management system "My DIU" at any time. There you will find information about your degree program, can download information and publications and much more.

One of the fundamental aims of the DIU is that you feel at home and supported by us. Therefore, we regularly evaluate our study courses and ask for your feedback. If something does not meet your expectations, we will look at the reason and, if possible, take care of it.

Speaking of quality: As a state-approved university and an associated institute of the TU Dresden we are subject to constant quality control by the Saxon Ministry. All 41 Bachelor's and Master's degree programs are tested and accredited either by the Central Evaluation and Accreditation Agency (ZEvA) or the Accreditation, Certification and Quality Assurance Institute (ACQUIN).

We from the state-approved Dresden International University (DIU) offer postgraduate education and training for people who have high expectations of themselves, their own actions and their professional future. 

For them, we develop high-quality course offerings and goals. We create multidisciplinary approaches through the differentiated selection of lecturers and learners. We live up to this claim through direct access to the knowledge of the TU Dresden, its renowned partners from industry and commerce and our international network. 

You are an international and want to continue your education and deepen or complete your academic knowledge? We have six interesting offers for you: Logistics (MBA), International Commercial & Contract Management (MBA) (ICCM),  Industrial Management in Microelectronics (M.Sc.) (IMM), Clinical Research (M.Sc.) Preventive Medicine (M.Sc.) and Non-Destructive Testing (M.Sc.) (NDT).

We have a really good experience of the further education of graduates of Chinese and Indian universities; nevertheless we warmly welcome students from all around the world!

We hope to enhance your qualifications and competence on the professional employment market with a diverse and continuously expanding range of courses. We will assist you in coping with the contemporary fast-moving nature of the international employment market, as well as in achieving a secure career! Our International Office (Jule Liers, Jana Schulle, Laura Byfut and Xiaxin Thomas) will help you with all your questions and needs concerning your live in Dresden and Germany in general!

We look forward to welcoming you to Dresden soon!

Finding Scholarship

Here you can find information on various kinds of DAAD funding for foreign students, graduates and postdocs as well as on funding offered by other selected organisations.
Please also take note of our important scholarship information.

Scholarship Database


The program is implemented in cooperation with the TU Dresden. Due to this fact a wide, multi disciplinary range of courses can be offered, which includes interface topics between natural sciences, engineering, arts and social sciences and medical sciences.


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International Commercial & Contract Management (ICCM)

Thanks to the interdisciplinary approach, graduates of the MBA course International Commercial & Contract Management (ICCM) have the commercial, legal and managerial expertise to be able to successfully manage contracts and projects and to enhance their company’s commercial strategy.

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Industrial Management in Microelectronics (IMM)

Students participating in this program will gain solid and fundamental knowledge in modern aspects of processor technology, packaging, microsystem and sensor technology as well as fundamental information on operations and logistics management and project management in semiconductor industry and related branches (see description of modules).

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Clinical Research

The Dresden International University (DIU) Master’s Program in Clinical Research is designed to provide leading-edge training in the methodology and practice of clinical research.


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Non destructive Testing (NDT)

Non-destructive testing measurements based on a wide range of physical methods work non-invasive and become more and more important in all fields of technology. Today their application is an indispensable requirement for state of the art quality products worldwide.


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