New certificate course: Promises and Disruptions of Global Flows

07. August 2018

From September Dresden International University and the Center for Global Politics offer a new master-level qualification.

Global flows of capital, trade and services, information and people are dramatically altering the nature of politics and the opportunities for nation-states to deal with or influence events. The traditional nation-states approach is no longer sufficient for explaining the developments in today’s globalized world. Therefore, innovative approaches are necessary. The Certificate course "Promises and Disruptions of Global Flows" provides you with the tools you need to navigate the complexities of these dynamic developments. It introduces you to the concepts of global flows and global governance.

With its four modules: Changing Landscapes: How Globalization is Remapping the World, Global Capital Flows: Dangers and Opportunities , People on the Move: Causes and Consequences of Transborder Migration and Getting Informed in (In-)Stable Regions the course not only addresses currently relevant topics for our society, but provides the participants with the opportunity to link their theoretical knowledge to practical tasks concerning real-world situations.

For further information, please contact the course coordinator Anja Peters or visit following pages DIU, The Center for Global Politics.