6 Questions for Mr. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Boller

14. September 2022

With our format "6 questions to..." we want to introduce the staff, lecturers, program directors and students of Dresden International University. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Boller is the program director and lecturer of the Non-Destructive Testing (M.Sc.) program.

1. What would you study if you could choose again today?
The same one I started and completed in 1974 (structural engineering in civil engineering).

2. What would be the subject of your scientific work?
The same thing I do today: structural mechanics, damage, destructive and non-destructive testing; life prediction of materials and components; structural health monitoring

3. Our next target is Mars. What do you think should be sorted out before we can head there?
Poverty and hunger in this world.

4. Which app can you not do without in your everyday life?
DB app (as long as the trains are'nt delayed so much).

5. What would you like to invent? / What would you like to have invented?
An elixir to abolish stupidity.

6. Which superhero ability would you like to have and why?
Sanity, because then everything will be done correctly.


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