Safety engineers more in demand than ever

05. November 2020

Globalization and the increasing international networking require new qualification instruments for junior managers in occupational health and safety.

Prof. Dr. Müller-Steinhagen, President of DIU, welcomes the new students.

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Now 9 years ago a course of studies was missing on the prevention level, which awards a nationally and internationally recognized academic degree according to the European Qualification Framework. Due to the high demand for trained safety engineers, DIU, in cooperation with the Institute for Work and Health of the German Social Accident Insurance, developed the DIU Master's program Management and Safety at Work in 2011. In 2020, the 10th matriculation student will start their extra-occupational studies.

On October 7, the thirteen students were welcomed by Prof. Schmauder, the scientific director of the course, Dr. Didier, the representative of the DGUV and Prof. Müller-Steinhagen, the new president of DIU:

They are not in a cohort of many 100 students who are taught frontally in lecture halls, but a small group in which it is possible to impart knowledge individually. ... We rely on partnership. They are all seasoned people with significant professional experience. I therefore see no hierarchical differences between students and teachers. The form of teaching can therefore be broken down and variable in order to enable maximum knowledge transfer.

In a round of introductions, the students named their intentions for their studies, which corresponded to the knowledge and skills they had acquired during their studies. After graduation the students are able to take on management tasks and master the composition and management of large, also international teams and are able to lead them in the sense of the company or organization goals, naturally with the important aspect of safety and health at work.

Before the evening ended with culinary delicacies and getting to know each other, the certificates of enrolment were ceremonially handed over.

The Dresden International University is happy about the new students and welcomes them warmly. 

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