Interactive online formats for knowledge sharing

09. November 2020

Experiences with learning and teaching in the Corona year 2020 and the design of virtual work processes in the digital summer semester were the topic of the keynote speech by DIU managing director Prof. Dr. Joachim Niemeier together with Eva Mion and Mareike Pinnecke from TU Dresden at this year's GeNeMe (Communities in New Media) conference in Dresden.

The Corona Pandemic has changed the way universities teach. Many learning contents, seminars and lectures have been transferred to digital space to ensure that students can continue their studies without any problems. New learning and teaching methods had to be identified, tested, planned and finally tested in the lectures and defences of the theses. This revealed a general open-mindedness of students and lecturers towards digital and hybrid models and a high interest in online and multimedia examinations. Many students appreciate the time flexibility and the elimination of long travel distances compared to classroom teaching. However, the lack of direct exchange with fellow students was seen as disadvantageous in many cases.

In the course of its digital transformation, Dresden International University has begun to experiment with a variety of innovative hybrid event formats in cooperation with partners and to gain valuable experience. Examples of this are the Hackathon of the Hochschulforum Digitalisierung, the Work [X] Festival ("DIU meets Work [X]"), the Corporate Learning Camp ("Corpoarte Learning Camp meets DIU"), the University:Future Festival and the active participation in the LernOS All Star Camp 2020. DIU was either digitally present in order to exchange and pass on experiences about new learning and teaching formats or was a meeting satellite for smaller face-to-face events in its own premises. There the participants could test themselves in new agile working techniques.

Prof. Dr. Niemeier presented the resulting lessons learned for the coming semester and events at this year's GeNeMe annual conference from October 8-9, 2010 at the premises of the DGUV Dresden.

About the GeNeMe
For more than 20 years, GeNeMe has stood for "Communities in New Media" at the Technische Universität Dresden and deals with online communities at the interface or from the perspective of several disciplines such as computer science, media technology, economics, education and information science, as well as social and communication science. As the forum for interdisciplinary dialogue between science, business and administration, it facilitates the exchange of experience and knowledge between participants from a wide range of disciplines, organizations and institutions. At the annual conference, experts and researchers from the respective disciplines come together to discuss important topics of digital transformation in science and business.