Dresden International University for cosmopolitanism

15. Oktober 2020

The foundation of PEGIDA will be celebrated for the 6th time on October 25th. 6 years of hate and agitation. In addition to numerous initiatives such as „Herz statt Hetze“, „Demokratie braucht Rückgrat“ „Leipzig nimmt Platz“, „Chemnitz nazifrei“ and the many citizen of Dresden, the Dresden International University also clearly positions itself for cosmopolitanism, tolerance and democratic multiculturalism.

Since the foundation of Dresden International University, life at the Further Education Institute of the Excellence University TU Dresden has been characterized by exchange, tolerance and openness. At our university we welcome students and lecturers from over 33 nations. We see individuality and heterogeneity as a wealth on all levels. This applies to the skills, knowledge and actions of the people at our university as well as to different origins and religions, sexual orientations and physical abilities.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil DEng. Dr. h.c. mult. Hans Müller-Steinhagen, President of the DIU: "Human dignity is inviolable. - It is shocking that we have to remind once again of this fundamental right on the occasion of the 6th anniversary of PEGIDA here in Dresden. 
Therefore I am grateful that the TUDAG group, together with numerous other institutions and initiatives, will set an example of cosmopolitanism and tolerance on October 25th in the state capital.  As I have always been committed to peaceful coexistence, humanity and respect, both as a private individual and as Rector, I call on you this October, together with the approximately 13.300 students and lecturers of DIU and TUDIAS and the employees of TUDAG, to stand up for these values.
The TU Dresden Aktiengesellschaft primarily stands for the transfer of knowledge to the economy and society. It is an incentive for us to enter into dialogue with all citizens who want to join us in standing up for humanity, diversity of opinion and freedom of thought and who act on the basis of the German constitution".

Tolerance and humanity are, like liberty of teaching and research, inviolable values for which it is worthwhile to stand up all times.
"Our students, lecturers and employees fly the flag and we are proud of that", says the board of directors of the TUDAG TU Dresden Aktiengesellschaft consisting of Ulrich Assmann, Prof. Hans Müller-Steinhagen, Prof. Jacques Rohayem and Udo Werner.