Studying engineering

Technology and Digitization

Lifelong learning plays an increasingly important role in the field of nature and engineering. Processes have become simpler and at the same time more complex not only since industry 4.0 and the digital world of work that immediately follows it. The integration of cyberphysical systems into production processes and the use of the Internet of Things can already be found in examples in many companies. Whether in the planning, manufacture or maintenance of technical products and processes - electronics, computer and control engineering have become integral components. The working world 4.0 basically represents the development towards ever greater autonomy of production systems. It therefore also offers opportunities and challenges for medium-sized industry, companies and industry-related service providers. At the same time, we face the challenge of making work 4.0 safe and healthy. New forms of work also require new forms of prevention in occupational health and safety. The Dresden International University prepares participants of its courses and study courses in the field of engineering for the requirements of the future.


Non-Destructive Testing (M.Sc.)

The participants acquire a solid basic and specialist knowledge in all areas of  "Non-Destructive Testing". Successful graduates will qualify to start a career in a variety of very different companies in transport, energy (including nuclear energy), chemistry, micro- and nanoelectronics, public safety and possibly many more. The programme is tailored to advanced specialisation in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and civil engineering and can lead to promising careers.


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