Education, communication and culture

Classical structures are changing. Step by step, the Internet is conquering all places and devices of everyday life. Sensors that can monitor, control and manage machines, products and objects wirelessly are now spreading rapidly. In Web 4.0 every object becomes both sender and receiver at the same time. The communication - the exchange between two or more parties - developed from classical communication to Communication 4.0. The communication channels are more extensive, global, flexible, open and up-to-date. But in the digital as well as the real world, the rules of communication, the principles of communication and the techniques of communication remain valid. The Master's degree course "Human Communications", for example, teaches the scientific principles of communication and psychology. In the Master's program"Culture + Management", participants gain extensive knowledge of the economic operation of cultural institutions, including human resources management, controlling, marketing, legal and political foundations, also with regard to digital challenges, because art and culture have also become more global.

Another large field within the DIU's "Education, Culture and Communication" department is the support of the TU Dresden in the qualification of teachers for the Free State of Saxony (side entry program). The focus of this qualification is the acquisition of knowledge, skills and abilities in subject science and subject didactics of the chosen subject or primary school didactics.