Student Counselling

Which studies are right for you?

The bigger the choice, the harder is to choose? Seek and you shall find? - It doesn't have to be that complicated. The study programme managers at the DIU are experts in our five interdisciplinary departments. They know which current challenges affect the respective sectors and what the solutions of tomorrow could look like. The Bachelor's and Master's programmes are excellent basic structures for developing these solutions. Through a consultation, which can take place by e-mail, phone, in person or via web conference detailed information on the modules of the degree programmes, the concrete contents, the responsible professors and lecturers and the network partners can be obtained.
What exactly do I learn during my studies? From which areas do the other participants come? What career options do I have with the degree? Does a seminar already meet my requirements or should it rather be a degree programme? We won't leave you alone with these questions. Give us a call and arrange your preferred meeting date.

And of course, once you become our student, we will continue advising you. For us it is important that your time at university is not only about learning but also about relieving the stress trough our full support. You need additional documents? We will give you tips and support you! You would like to do an internship? We will establish a contact to our network. Regardless of time and place, you can access our course management system "My DIU" at any time. There you will find information about your degree programme, can download information and publications and much more.

Of course, it is very important to us that you feel at home and supported by us. Therefore, we regularly evaluate our offers and ask for your satisfaction. If something does not meet your expectations, we will look at the reason and, if possible, resolve it.

Speaking of quality: As a state-approved university and an Associated Institute of the TU Dresden, we are subject to constant quality control by the Saxon Ministry. All 41 Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes are tested and accredited either by the Central Evaluation and Accreditation Agency (ZEvA) or by the Accreditation, Certification and Quality Assurance Institute (ACQUIN).

Education, Communication and Culture

This DIU department is focused on language, culture and communication. In addition to the two Master's programmes, a selection of seminars is also available.

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Definitely an industry with future and the potential for change. In the Healthcare sector the DIU offers strategic qualifications for a stable professional perspective with a wide range of continuing education programs.

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Operational health management, Non-destructive testing, Vehicle safety during autonomous driving.. The courses of study in this department are very subject-specific and provide answers to future questions.


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Medical Science

From general medicine to dentistry. The DIU has an interdisciplinary academic offer for physicians, administrative directors, employees in clinics and hospitals, etc.

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Business, Law and Management

Lawyers and business economists benefit the most in this field. In addition, the department supports companies in the areas of human resources, controlling, marketing, law and corporate management.


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