Admission requirements for studying at the DIU (for German speaking applicants)

Studying at Dresden International University places high demands on the willingness of students to learn and perform. This commitment pays off.

People with an initial academic education have access to the Master's programmes at Dresden International University.

  •     Graduates from national and international universities
  •     Graduates from national and international universities and technical colleges
  •     Graduates of national and international schools with equivalent, state-recognised qualifications

Access to the Bachelor programmes at Dresden International University is available to people who are interested in the

  •     have a general or subject-specific higher education entrance qualification

Studying without a high school diploma? That's possible.

Have you already completed vocational training in the relevant field and at least one year of work experience? Then you can obtain subject-specific admission to the DIU by successfully passing an entrance examination.

Registration is mandatory for participation in the entrance examination.

Please send your registrations to: Stefan Erbe (


Interested candidates and applicants

Interested candidates

Here you have the opportunity to contact us so that we can advise you on the desired programme. You are welcome to contact us personally.




Welcome to our website! If you have decided on a study programme and we will make your application as easy as possible.

Only for German speaking applicants:

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Since some of the study programmes require specifically qualified participants in order to fulfil the requirement of networking competences among the study participants and between teachers and learners, the access conditions are redefined for each study programme. The course managers will be happy to advise you.

In addition to formal degrees, great importance is attached to professional experience. Thus the examination of whether an applicant fulfils the admission requirements will always be a combined examination of his/her degrees and professional experience. In personal interviews, the study programme is explained and the objectives are compared - those of the study programme and those which the applicant is pursuing by taking up the study programme. The investment should be worthwhile for the students and ultimately pay for itself quickly.