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Logistics, MBA

Start of the program:May and November
Application deadlines:End of June (start in November) and end of December (start in May)
Duration:18 months
Degree:Master of Business Administration (MBA)


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accredited by ZEvA
ELA certified
TU Dresden

The MBA program “Logistics” is intended for candidates with a strong interest in understanding logistics and operations – in either manufacturing or service industries. The program has a managerial focus and it is therefore also valuable to students with an interest in general management. It is particularly valuable for those who see their careers in operations over the coming decade or who see themselves consulting in operations for client businesses. Students acquire an in-depth knowledge and understanding of advanced logistics, operations, manufacturing, distribution and supply chain management issues, concepts, tools and applications. They develop the ability to identify strategic issues in operations, position a company for competitive advantage using operations and logistics, align corporate and operations strategy, design the right supply chain for your product, enable mass customization, create a virtually integrated company and collaborate in the supply chain. Issues include postponement, speculation, partner-shipping, new product development, efficient consumer response, vendor managed inventory, the impact of Internet Technology on supply chains and e-commerce.

Since January 2008 this program is the first and the only one in Germany which is accredited by the European Logistics Association (ELA) according to the Supervisory/Operational Level introduced by the ELA.

Since December 2009 the program is accredited by the Zentrale Evaluations- und Akkreditierungsagentur, the re-accreditation was finished successfully in October 2015.

The MBA Logistics is a full-time master program with a duration of 18 months.

The study is structured modularly. Usually these modules will be offered and completed in a consecutive sequence. The lessons can also be offered in a block system.

The concept covers 40% economic basics and 60% logistics specific content. Teaching is supported by: modern teaching methods, expert meetings and field trips. The program includes six compulsory modules which deal with the business aspects of general management as well as with the detailed focus on management of the logistics chain and the logistics orientated management.

After finishing these modules the student will complete their master's thesis.

For quality assurance after each group of lessons the lecturers will be evaluated by the participants and feedback-talks will be held. The internal quality assurance is done by the academic director of the program and the responsible boards at the Faculty of Business Management and Economics of the TU Dresden (study commission, examinations board).

Most of the teachers at the DIU are professors at TU Dresden and specialists from well-known companies.

  • Prof. Dr. Rainer Lasch
    University of Technology Dresden; Academic Director of the program 
  •  Prof. Dr. Holger Müller
     University of Applied Sciences Leipzig
  • Prof. Dr. Udo Buscher
    University of Technology Dresden
  • Dipl.-Ing. Steffen Clauß
    SYSTEMA GmbH Dresden
  • Prof. Dr. Werner Esswein
    University of Technology Dresden
  •  Prof. Dr. Thomas Günther
     University of Technology Dresden
  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Hilbert
    University of Technology Dresden
  •  Prof. Dr. Mario Straßberger
    University of Applied Sciences Zittau-Görlitz
  • Nikolaus Raben
    Managing Partner, CorviCom - Economic Coaching, Reinbek
  • Prof. Dr. Ulrike Stopka
    University of Technology Dresden
  • Prof. Dr. Armin Töpfer
    Corporate Management, TU Dresden
  • Dr. Norbert Wagener
    Management Consultants GmbH Wagener & Herbst Potsdam

Admission requirements:

  • a Master’s / Bachelor’s Degree (4 years degree) preferably in Economics or Business Administration (equal to 240 ECTS) or
  • a Master’s / Bachelor Degree preferably in Economics or Business Administration (equal to 180 or 210 ECTS) and additional studies, examinations in one of the named field of studies equal to 30 or 60 ECTS and
  • usually 2 years of work experience in the fields of Logistics, Production, Sales, Controlling or IT


For Application please download the application form in the section "download". Send this together with the required attachments to the

Dresden International University
Freiberger Str. 37
01067 Dresden

Applications will be reviewed in a commission.
You can also apply online. Please follow the link: “Online application”. In this case you don’t have to fill in the application form.

Fees: Please request this information from the Project Coordinator.

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