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Zertifikats- und Brückenkurs

Promises and Disruptions of Global Flows

Starting Date: September 2018
Length of Study: 9-12 months, online, part-time
ECTS-credits: 30
Language of Instruction: English
Degree: Certificate
Tuition: 3.900 EUR (3.500 Euro for DIU and CGP students and alumni) (Weitere Rabatte möglich, wenn Ihnen als Zulassungsvoraussetzung für ein DIU-Studium noch ECTS-Punkte fehlen und Sie den Kurs als Brückenkurs buchen - bei Interesse bitte beim Projektmanager nachfragen!) 


Anja Peters
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The Center for Global Politics in cooperation with the Dresden International University offer master-level qualification without having to complete a full degree. You will get extra qualification to enhance your knowledge and expertise with our online certificate on the topic of:
"Promises and Disruptions of Global Flows"
Global flows of capital, trade and services, information and people are dramatically altering the nature of politics and the opportunities for nation-states to deal with or influence events. The traditional nation-states approach is no longer sufficient for explaining the developments in today’s globalized world. Therefore, innovative approaches are necessary. The Certificate provides you with the tools you need to navigate the complexities of these dynamic developments. It introduces you to the concept of global flows and global governance.



• Andrey Makarychev
• Ingo Bordon
• Barbara Dietz

Online applications are welcome until August 31, 2018.

Please attach your CV and first university degree certificate.

Apply now to info@global-politics.org