Freitag, 10. Januar 2014

Studying with view on Acropolis - International Preventive Medicine Study Group meets in Athens

For the students of the International Master Program Preventive Medicine the new year starts with a study week in the beautiful city of Athens.

With view on the nearby Acropolis the students meet for their fifth study week. From January 6 until January 10 they learn and discuss on topics like womens health and gynecology, inflammaging and its preventive strategies or biochronology and the endogeneous clock. Moreover sleep medicine and the management of sleep disorder as well as preventive strategies in endocrinology are subject of study. Special focus is set on thyreology by Prof. Leonidas Duntas from the Evgenidion Hospital in Athens. Preventive and aesthetic dermatology is on the Program on the last day of the 5-day study week.

The Master Program on Preventive Medicine has been established in 2007 for German students and has been opened for International students in 2011. In the second study group students from 13 different nations are enrolled. The lectures are medical scientists and practitioners that come of different nations, too, and make the study program an interesting program of further education not only because of its up-to-date medical content on preventive medicine but also of the international experience. The program is conducted by the Dresden International University under the scientific leadership of Prof. Alfred Wolf and is organized in cooperation with Euromedicom, Paris.

Interested medical practioners can apply until the end of June 2014 for the next study group that is planned to start in October 2014.

Further information on the Master Program you find here:

Preventive Medicine, M.Sc.

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