Dienstag, 6. Dezember 2016

A farewell to student life, a hello to the future

Hamed Malekmohammadi, a student of the master’s program “Non-Destructive Testing” (NDT), writes about his experience at DIU.

It was two years ago when the NDT14 group started their study in DIU-Dresden with a group of 9 students, 8 from China and one from Iran, and I was the one. Seven of the students belonged to the double degree program, where you study in China and Germany and the course lasts 2.5 years, while we were two along the single degree program, who were studying in Germany only with the course lasting 2 years.

It was an amazing start, with lots of hopes and wishes, challenges and difficulties. It was a young but promising major: M.Sc. NDT, which could bring new horizons to people who know this special and highly critical field in the industry. For many years NDT was only defined by short training courses and focused activity specifically as an academic field has not been organized. For me as a person who was in this industrial field for more than 11 years, it was a big opportunity to focus on this field for two years and learn more in depth about the scientific aspects of it. For those who know this field, it could be an opportunity to expand their views, to deepen their knowledge and go beyond the limits offered in the industry. It provides a concrete basis not only for people who like to go to the industrial sector after graduation, but also for those who like to continue their study at postgraduate level towards doctoral degree.

This master program is getting matured each year with its highly motivated and well-known lecturers who are backed with their strong research and industrial background. They are not only famous names in their own field of expertise, but also sources of motivation to the students with high aptitude and interest in this field. The more you be interested and curious to discover, the more you can achieve from these legends.

The study program NDT14 finally went successfully to its end for the single degree students recently. It was not a big group of single degree students this time. Only two of the 9 students were to defend their thesis in Dresden, and October 27th was the day for that to happen. There was a well-organized defense program and at the end a small ceremony to celebrate 2 years of study together with Prof. Christian Boller (the Scientific Director of the program), Prof. Gerd Dobmann (legend NDT specialist) and Mrs. Jana Smitkiewicz (Project Manager M.Sc. NDT).

Last but not least: The "Non-Destructive Testing" master program at DIU is not a master program only; it’s a big challenge at its heart which could be discovered only by highly motivated and hardworking students. I believe it will be more and more successful each year and I hope deeply from my heart that one day it can be a reference in its field all around the globe.

This program opened new horizons to my life and career and I think it would be the same for many other colleagues of mine who already finished their study and those who will join this program in the future.

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