Mittwoch, 27. April 2016

DIU students in the Global Student Challenge – how did it go? (part one)

An international team of DIU students reached the final round of the Global Student Challenge held in Amsterdam from April 12 to 15. Being our on-site reporters they recorded their experiences in a diary.

As reported in our news section some time ago our students Rosalie, Behrang, Gowthaman and Levan reached the final round of the Global Student Challenge. They represented the only German university in the Final round of 22 competitors. In return to our moral support they recorded their experiences in a little diary.

April 12:

After our arrival we started the first day of the competition with a kick-off meeting. We were welcomed by Michiel Steeman - Professor of Supply Chain Finance. He committed us on our task for the coming days: playing the final 6 rounds with increasing difficulties. Altogether 21 teams are here: 2 from Africa, 3 from America, 5 Asian teams and 11 from European universities, some of them even supported by their Professors. After lunch we played the first round, and we reached the 8th position. After a short break we played the second round and we achieved the 6th position. With these encouraging results up our sleeves we had dinner in a restaurant in downtown. We are going to play the 3rd and 4th round tomorrow morning. After today’s success we would like to perform top 5 in the end…

April 13:

After eating breakfast in our hotel we went to the Windesheim University again. We played round 3 and 4, and placed in positions 10 and 11 respectively (which makes it hard to reach our overall goal now…). After lunch an interactive lecture on the topic „The International Professional” had been offered, which dealt with the importance of understanding the different cultures in an international working place. Thereupon, we participated in a so-called „Ice Breaker“, which was planned to help students to prevent sticking to their teammates. About 100 exchange students of Windesheim were invited, too. We were grouped on different tables and the task was to find 10 common things for each table‘s group members. The most interesting one got books about Netherlander. Finally we had a "Networking Dinner". Tomorrow we have a day off from the competition. We will have a trip to the port of Rotterdam instead.

To be continued…

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