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Preventive Medicine, M.Sc.

Start of the program: April 2019
Duration: 2 years
Credit-points: 60
Degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Tuition fees: 2-Year Complete Master Study 30.000 Euro (Please see Tab 'Fees')


Dr. Sigrid Müller

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This future-oriented Master Studies started in September 2007 in cooperation with the German Society of Anti-Aging Medicine (GSAAM) – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Prävention und Anti-Aging Medizin e.V.  In 2010 we decided to offer the Master program for international students.  The study program is organized via EUROMEDICOM, Paris.

Demographic changes involving a growing number of elderly are prompting  a dramatic increase in age-related endemic diseases, such as heart failure, arteriosclerosis, arthrosis and osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes, malignant cancers, age-related dementia and more. The medicinal treatment of these diseases demands enormous medical and financial resources.

Intensified medical research contributes to earlier and faster diagnoses of these diseases by allowing for the early analysis of individual risk factors such as genetic predisposition, individual life style and living circumstances. Modern medical diagnostic methods enable a detailed analysis of the risks of diseases and the development of them. Simultaneously, newly developed therapies enable us to decelerate aging processes and accompanying signs of deterioration and to activate and strengthen self-healing powers.

In this context, it can be concluded that all medical fields of expertise face a new number of challenges. In addition to therapeutic treatment, the active prevention of physiological aging processes and diseases is needed in the medical treatment of diseases. Moreover, practically all tissue, organs and structures are affected by age-related signs of deterioration. Therefore, effective preventive and anti-aging medicine must be treated as an interdisciplinary task for all medical fields of expertise.

The Master Studies Preventive Medicine conveys current knowledge of preventive medicine, covering all medical areas and their preventive medical measures to emphasize the interdisciplinary task of prevention. Courses will be held by numerous prominent scientists and lecturers from various medical backgrounds, ensuring modern and high-level education. Specific emphasis is placed on the implementation of prevention on modern medical practice, based on the theoretical knowledge discussed.

This Master Studies is specifically aimed at licensed doctors working  in private practice or the public health setting who are striving to improve their professional competencies in preventive medicine. This compact course, taught by a highly qualified team of lecturers, meets all requirements to effective advanced training. The extra-occupational concept of this course of studies enables its participants to combine the academic advanced training with their professional occupation. Upon successful completion of the program, participants will be awarded the nationally and internationally acknowledged title of “Master of Science in Preventive Medicine”. This course of studies is the first European training towards a qualified academic degree with an international classification in clinical medicine.

The Master’s Program consists of 7 modules that sum up to 45 ECTS credit points and the supervised Master’s Thesis (15 ECTS credit points). The two-year program is divided into two parts. During the first three semesters classes take place. The fourth semester is reserved to complete the Master’s thesis.

The modules are organized as face-to-face seminars. In order to fulfil the module credits, a successful pass of examinations is required. Missing one or more seminars must be justified with written documents. The preparation for the exams is based on the lectures and the relevant seminar documents.

Each student will have to do their own research on a specific topic in preventive medicine under supervision of an academic teacher of the Master’s Program. The thesis will culminate in a public defence in front of a jury, organized at the end of the second academic year.

Organisation of the Seminars
Seminars are organized as ten 5-day study weeks. The lectures will be held in English and will take place mainly at the Dresden International University, and, occasionally, also in other German cities such as Hamburg or Munich.

Content of the Modules
MODULE 1 Research methodology and economic aspects of preventive medicine (5 credits)
M1 Medical Biometry
M1 Health Economics
M1 Medical Practice Management

MODULE 2 Scientific research and publishing (5 credits)
M2 Scientific Working
M2 Literature research
M2 Scientific Writing / Publishing

MODULE 3 Medical basics of prevention (8 credits)
M3 Physiology of Aging
M3 Human genetics
M3 Diagnostics
M3 Immunology
M3 Environmental Medicine and Dentistry

MODULE 4 Preventive medicine related to lifestyle (7 credits)
M4 Nutritional Medicine /Micronutrients
M4 Sports medicine
M4 Sleep Medicine

MODULE 5 Prevention in Psychology, Psychiatry and Psychosomatic Medicine (6 credits)
M5 Stress and related diseases
M5 Depression, Anxiety and addiction disorder
M5 Psychosomatics
M5 Coaching in prevention

MODULE 6 Aging and gender-specific medical prevention (6 credits)
M6 Gender Medicine
M6 Men's Health / Urology /Andrology
M6 Sexual Medicine
M6 Endocrinology /Sexual hormones
M6 Women's Health / Gynaecology

MODULE 7 Specific preventive medicine (8 credits)
M7 General Endocrinology / Prevention of Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolic Disorder
M7 General Endocrinology / Chronobiology / Thyreology
M7 Prevention of neurodegenerative diseases
M7 Preventive Oncology (Gastrointestinale Tumors, etc.) / Complementary Oncology
M7 Preventive Dermatology /Aesthetic medicine
M7 Orthopaedics/ Osteology
M7 Rheumatology
M7 Preventive Cardiology

Supervised Master Thesis (15 credits)

Scientific Board

Prof. Dr. Dr. med. Aksam Yassin
Professor of Urology and Sexualmedicine, Institut of Urology and Andrology, Director (Norderstedt/Hamburg, Germany)

Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Birkenfeld
Professor of Metabolic Vascular Disease, University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus Dresden, Medical Clinic III, Center of Clinical Research on the Metabolic Syndrom, GWT-TUD GmbH (Dresden, Germany)

Lecturers (selection)

Prof. Dr. Andreas Birkenfeld
Endocrinology and metabolic vascular disease (Dresden, Germany)

Prof. Dr. Patricia D’Alessio
Endocrinology (Paris, France)

Dr. Andreas Greiwing
Sports medicine (Münster, Germany)

Uwe Gröber (Pharmacist)
Micronutrient medicine (Essen, Germany)

Prof. Guy Magalon
Stem cells and Regenerative Medicine (Marseille, France)

Prof. Georg Michelson
Preventive ophthalmology (Erlangen, Germany)

Dr. Kurt Müller
Environmental medicine (Kempten, Germany)

Prof. Dr. (h.c.) Farid Saad
Men’s Health (Berlin, Germany)

Prof. Bernhard Schipp
Biostatistics (Dresden, Germany)

Dr. Ralph Schomaker
Sports Medicine (Münster, Germany)

Prof. Peter Schwarz
Diabetes, obesity, metabolic disorders and syndrome prevention (Dresden, Germany)

Dr. Ursula Wagner
Coaching (Berlin, Germany)

Prof. Dr. Alfred Wolf
Stressmedicine (Ulm, Germany)

Prof. Dr. Dr. Aksam Yassin
Urology and Sexual Medicine (Norderstedt/Hamburg, Germany)

Prof. Dr. Michael Zitzmann
Endokrinology and Andrology (Muenster, Germany)

Requirements for admission to this Masters Program are as follows:

  • Academic degree in human medicine or University degree in a related subject (Minimum of 4-year study, equivalent to 240 ECTS)
  • Physician’s license to practice medicine
  • At least one years of relevant practical experience.

The Board of Approval will base its selection on the documents presented by the candidates. The Board may contact candidates for an admission interview.

The following document must be provided upon registration:

  • Legal Copy of Master's/ Bachelor's degree in human medicine (equivalent to 240 ECTS credits) - Certificate, Transcript of records
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) 
  • Proof of English language proficiency B2 (CEFR) - TOEFL iBT79, IELTS 6.0, Cambridge CAE 
  • Copy of passport 
  • Proof of relevant working experience (employer's reference), copy of professional license (if applicable)
  • Letter of motivation (in English)

The official registration to the Master’s Program is based on a participation contract between the Dresden International University and the candidate after validation of the application documents.

Registration Fees


For students registering until 30th April 2017 the total tuition fee is reduced to 25.000 EUR (VAT incl.)

The tuition fee is to be payed in four rates prior to each semester.

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